Vernal Theatre: LIVE: July 2021 Business of the Month

Vernal Theatre: LIVE has produced 30 Season productions, 4 Youth summer productions, 4 benefit concerts, and has been the location for several events including Dry Bar Comedy tours, local dance recitals and pageants, and hosting a quarterly Open Mic Night as well as various classes and workshops for both youth & adults.

Vernal Theatre: LIVE believes that the Arts help individuals build better lives as they learn the value of other people and their stories and extend that kindness to themselves, their families and their community. The owners of Vernal Theatre: LIVE and all who participate live in Vernal and the Uintah Basin. We love being able to offer opportunities to people of all ages and experiences at the theatre, whether they are onstage, backstage or in the audience.

Vernal Theatre: LIVE is run 100% by volunteers – from producers & directors through the cast & crew. All participants at Vernal Theatre: LIVE are members of our community looking for talent development or a performance outlet and donate their time and skills to making each production. The sacrifices that they and their families make to bring about the success of each production is immense. There is simply no way to describe how incredible the people in this community are. The willingness of “regular people” to give of their time and talents show after show and year after year continues to bless not just Vernal Theatre: LIVE, but all those in the community with whom they come in contact.

Our mission is to inspire and create high-quality, family-friendly Arts opportunities that are accessible to everyone. We want any member of the community to feel they could attend a production at Vernal Theatre: LIVE and have a good time – whether they are experienced in theatre or brand new – we want them to feel welcome with us. We love when people come back and tell us about the memories they have of their time at Vernal Theatre: LIVE – whether as part of the onstage/backstage crew or in the audience. The Arts scene is so strong in our corner of the state and we have loved being a small part of creating more opportunities for the performing Arts.

For their outstanding contribution to our community, the Public Relations Committee of the Vernal Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to present Business of the Month to Vernal Theatre LIVE.