April 2021 Business of the Month

Beachin’ Co. was founded in 2016 by Colton and Brooker King. They love traveling to Hawaii and California and the feel of the ocean breeze. They wanted to bring that beach vibe to people who haven’t experienced it before and thus, Beachin’ was born. They quit their jobs, left their new home in Eagle Mountain, UT, sold everything they had, and moved to Vernal, with their new born son, with nothing but big dreams and lots of determination.


Beachin’ started in a 12’ octagon building with zero running water. Colton would bring 25, 5 gallon jugs of water down every day that he had to clean and sanitize between each trip. After about 8 months, Jiffy Pawn approached Colton and Brooker and offered to build a building where they could keep up with demand and that had running water :)


In 2017, they moved to Manti, UT for a short period of time to assist with the marketing needs of another company. During that time, they purchased the drink place there in town and converted it to Beachin’. Then in 2018, they purchased the soda place in Roosevelt and brought the Beachin’ vibe to there as well.


In 2019, Colton and Brooker came back to Vernal to be closer to where things started. In April of 2019, they built out a bakery where they could keep up with the demand of their baked good. “One of our desires at Beachin’ was to provide quality product that are fresh and homemade.” Says Colton. They distribute their cookies and pretzels bites throughout all their locations daily, to ensure product freshness.


“Our biggest priority is our guests that visit us each day and our 55 wonderful employees.” Each year Beachin’ gives a $500-$1000 scholarship to 3 different high schools, donates 15,000 - 20,000 free drinks throughout town/organizations as well as brings drinks/cookies to random schools/businesses throughout the week.


“We believe everyone deserves a vacation. Our goal is to give every Beachin’ guest a quick get away from life by providing five-star service, along with the best drinks and treats around.  We eat and breathe Beachin’ every day.  We commit ourselves to growing and making it the bet it can be with our guest and our crew members”.


The Public Relations Committee of the Vernal Area Chamber of Commerce is please to present Beachin’ Business of the Month.