Tonya Merrell Presented with Certificate of Beautification

As long as Tonya Merrell can remember, she has Loved Art! She would draw horses and people in grade school.  In High School she learned how to paint with an airbrush. During these years she gladly did projects for people in her community painting and designing signs and logos. County fairs were an exciting event as she would bring home Best of Show ribbons!

    She started screen printing for work while in high school. Screen printing has also encouraged her to learn Computer Graphics. Her husband, Jordan, encouraged her to start her own business because she started selling paintings and designing logos for people. TM Art was created! Soon after she met up with Jordan Clark of Ninety 1 Designs.

     She and Jordan Clark have completed seven murals on the buildings along Vernal’s main street and are preparing to do over 30 more. Her talent and creativity is very evident in every mural she creates and our community is extremely excited to experience the new beautification projects that Tonya has in store for us to enjoy.

    The Public Relations Committee of the Vernal Area Chamber of Commerce is very pleased to present this Beautification Award to Tonya Merrell for her outstanding contributions to our community.