Ninty1 Designs awarded January Business of the Month

Jordan Clark, owner of Ninty1 Designs, was born and raised in Vernal, UT. He grew up drawing constantly, eventually found a love for painting in high school, and soon after sold his first painting. As he painted, he progressively worked on larger canvases, which culminated in his first mural.


He spent six years in the land survey industry (completed 10 murals during that time), and never would have guessed that during 2020, a year of hardships, shutdowns, and many other challenges due to a pandemic, he would transition to a full-time artist.


Ninty1 Designs strives to bring color and brightness to all client projects. Thus far, the company has accomplished this goal for businesses and cities, which attracted tourism and brought joy to viewers.


“We look forward to 2021 with a growing list of 30+ murals that we have planned to paint. We want to thank our clients and supporters, and cannot wait to bring art to a community near you!”


The Public Relations Committee of the Vernal Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to present Business of the Month to Ninty1 Designs.