USU and You

USU and You is a weekly radio program prepared in partnership with USU and Evans Family Media with the goal of improving your overall wellbeing and enhancing your connection with our culture, community and environment

Dr. James Taylor Director of USU Uintah Basin and faculty member

Dr. Taylor discusses USU's role in the community and support it provides to the diversification and stabilization of our local economy. Dr. Taylor also shares ideas of how to sustain mountain communities like the Uintah Basin.

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Families Under Quarantine Pt. 3 of 3

Uintah School District Superintendent, Rick Woodford and USD Director of Student Services, Julie Wilde talk about resources available to parents who are helping children with homeschooling. They also discuss post COVID-19 district challenges and vision moving forward.

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Families Under Quarantine Pt. 2 of 3

Latrisha Fall, with USU Human Development and Family Study program and Christine Wiggins with Uintah County Library share ways you can keep your home students active while strengthening relationships with your children while in quarantine. This program aired on Newstalk KVEL on 4-23-20. Next week we'll visit with Julie Wilde and Rick Woodford from the Uintah School District about resources available to parents.

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Families Under Quarantine Pt. 1 of 3

USU's Latrisha Fall provides helpful hints for parents working with their children and shares some of the many school resources available for support, and ways to reduce family stress. This is part on of a three part series on helping families adjust to family life under quarantine and the new home school curriculum. Part two of this series will air Thursday, April 24th at 9:00 a.m. on Newstalk 104.5 FM and AM 920 KVEL. Latrisha Fall is a Human Development and Family Study USU graduate and American Family Therapy USU grad student. This program aired 4-16-20 on KVEL

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Community Health Update April 9 2020

Tri-County Health Director, Jordan Mathis provides a community health update. Listen here for the latest information about COVID-19 in the Tri-County area. Program aired on Newstalk KVEL during the USU and You program 4-9-20

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Winter Ozone and Air Quality

Director of the USU Bingham Research Center and Research Associate Professor in Chemistry, Dr. Seth Lyman visits with us about winter ozone in the Basin, what it is, why it's harmful and what we can do to help.

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History of the Uintah Basin

USU's Principal Lecturer, John Barton has taught history at USU Uintah Basin for over 33 years. He has taught a myriad of history classes including Utah and the Uintah Basin. Here we'll learn about the early explorers and settlers in the region, local Native American history, lost gold, our colorful outlaw past and more.

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Parenting and Early Childhood Development

Latrisha Fall USU graduate in Family Consumer Human Development and Cristina Higgins master of science in human development and USU instructor, share insights on parenting and early childhood development. Here you'll learn tips on how to connect with your child, and skills needed to raise an emotionally intelligent child.

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Information Technology

The sharp rise in technological advances has increased our productivity, greatly enhanced our learning and has drawn us closer together through better communication. There is however a downside. Technology is being used is ways that can harm our youth, invaded our privacy and manipulate society values and standards. USU's Instructional Technology Specialist, Tyson Simmons shares insights into the world of artificial intelligence. He provides valuable information on how to protect yourself and your families from harmful elements and he provides insights about the advantages technology brings to our professional and personal lives.

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Mark Chynoweth USU Professor Wildlife Ecology

USU's Mark Chynoweth. Mark received his PhD in wildlife ecology and U of U. He shares his thoughts of human/wildlife conflict, invasive fish species, impacts on range health, forest health, recreational fishing and hunting.

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USU Extension - Nutrition in the Home

USU Extension Office, Suzie Prevedel, Assistant Professor of Family and Consumer Sciences and Better Health Science Coordinator Ashley Stegeman, discuss healthy habits of preparing and handling of food at home or at work.

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Tammy Taylor - Counseling and Psychological Services USU

Tammy Taylor has worked with domestic violence survivors, hospice, school settings, and taught courses at BYU-Idaho, and now CAPS at USU. Together we'll lean what grief is and how it plays a role in our lives, the stages of grief and mourning.

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USU and You - Learn how Chemistry impacts our daily lives with USU's Dr. Mike Christiansen

USU Organic Chemistry Professor (PhD) Mike Christiansen AKA "The Electrifying USU Professor" shares his insights how Chemistry impacts our daily lives. This program discusses what Organic Chemistry is and the USU research now being done in this field to develop life saving pharmaceuticals. His friends and students lovingly refer to him as the "Electrifying USU Professor" because of the enthusiastic way he shares his love for Chemistry in the class room. We invite you to listen in to this session of USU and You, we are sure you'll find it both entertaining and informative.

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USU and You. Dr. James Taylor - Leadership

USU Uintah Basin Director Dr. James Taylor received his doctorate on leadership and organizational behavior. During this episode of USU and You we discuss the aptitudes of a great leader and ways you can incorporate these skills to become more proficient at work and in your home.

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Marriage and the Family

Falling for a Jerk-Warning Signs of Difficult Partners

Marriage and the Family program on News Talk KVEL

Falling for a Jerk-Warning Signs of Difficult Partners

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