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Interviews focusing on community issues and events

Tina Cannon (R) Candidate Utah Congressional District 1

Tina Cannon (R) candidate for Utah's Congressional District 1 currently held by Representative Rob Bishop. Tina is a 4th generation Utahn who has spent her life in the 1st Congressional District. She and her husband David have raised their 4 children in Davis, Weber and Morgan Counties. Tina has run an accounting firm for the past decade and her husband David is an aerospace engineer.

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Uintah County Commissioners B. Horrocks and B. Haslem Discuss 2020 Budget

Uintah County Commission held a public hearing Monday 12-30-19 regarding the 2020 County Budget. Many changes were adopted including the retirement of County debt. Uintah County Commissioners Brad Horrocks and Bart Haslem discuss changes to the 2020 budget and County finances. During this program we also discuss with them the economic future of the region. The Monday Radio Forum on Newstalk KVEL is a public affairs program aired live each Monday evening at 6:00 on 104.5 FM and Am 920 KVEL. Special thanks to Murray Masonry and Construction and the Vernal Regional Airport for their support of this program.

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Kathleen Hacking Organizer of the annual free Thanksgiving dinner

Fill the Need is an annual free Thanksgiving Dinner for those in our community who will be dining alone this Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving Day from 12 noon to 4:00 p.m. at the Cobble Rock Restaurant on the corner of Vernal Ave. and Main. Organized by Cobble Rock Restaurant Owner, Kathleen Hacking, this event is made possible by countless community volunteers and individuals who have donated food. This annual event is held in honor of Kathleen's father, the late Doyle Huber.

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Tribute to Fallen Officer Kevin Orr - Jessica Orr Anderson and Elizabeth Mathews

13 years ago on November 21st, Uintah county Detective Corporal Kevin Orr was killed in a helicopter accident while assisting with a search for a missing woman. Det. Kevin Orr's daughter, Jessica shares memories of her father and provides advice to those who may be experiencing the loss of a loved one this holiday season. Jessica is joined by organizer of many of Utah's fallen officers, Elizabeth Mathews who shares with us examples of ways we can show respect for Utah's fallen officers and first responders.

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Legislative Update - Sen. Ron Winterton

Senator Ron Winterton, just finishing his freshman year as our legislative representative for Senate District 26 shares background on the committees he now serves on, and legislation he is working on that will affect citizens within his district. He also shares his thoughts on the Uintah Rail service, Rural Utah's shrinking legislative influence, and State Tax Reform.

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Richard Paul Evans

We kick off the Holiday Season in the Basin with with Utah Author, Richard Paul Evans as he introduces his new Christmas book Noel Street. Richard Paul Evans, Author of the Christmas classic The Christmas Box, Noel Street is sure to become another Christmas classic.

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Climate Change Movement - Local Perspective

Mr. Bill Stringer worked with the BLM for 30 plus years. He was educated as a mining engineer which required extensive training in earth science and all physical sciences. He is now serving his second term as Uintah County Commissioner. Mr. Stringer will provide us with a different perspective to protecting our environment, including, better science, conservation and allowing industries and economics drive solutions

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Climate Change

The promotion of the climate crisis has been used as a political scare tactic for some time now. These arguments began in the 70’s with Global Cooling and an imminent ice age. Acid Rain was promoted in the early 80’s. We were then warned of a life-threatening hole in the ozone in the late 80’s, Global Warming in the 90’s and the term global warming was changed to Climate Change after the turn of the century. This is a complicated subject, both confusing the public and terrifying our youth. Bob Inglis, Executive Director of Republic EN dot org. which is a grass roots community of Americans with the stated mission of educating the country about free-enterprise solutions to climate change. Mr. Inglis was elected to congress on the Republican ticket in 1993 and represent the citizens of rural South Carolina. In 2010 he lost his re-election bid in the South Carolina Republican Primary after aligning himself with the climate change argument.

We will follow-up this conversation with a discussion on the issue with Bill Stringer. Mr. Stringer worked with the BLM for 30 plus years. He was educated as a mining engineer which required extensive training in earth science and all physical sciences. He is now serving his second term as Uintah County Commissioner. Mr. Stringer will provide us with a different perspective to protecting our environment, including, better science, conservation and allowing industries and economics drive solutions.

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Voted Local Levy - Paid Political Program

Uintah County Citizens Gawain Snow, Michelle Smith, Amy Farnsworth and Kinsely Kearl share their support for Proposition 4.

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Vernal Rotary Sub for Santa

Rotary Cheri McCurdy, Assistant Governor, Treasurer and Vernal Rotary President, Louise Thompson discuss this year's Sub for Santa program administered through Rotary and the many other community service projects our Rotary members are involved in. Vernal Rotary meets every Thursday at noon at the Quarry Steakhouse in Vernal. Everyone is welcome!

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Former Utah Senator Kevin Vantassell

Former Utah Senator Kevin Vantassell spent 12 years in the State Senate serving citizens in District 26. While Senator, Vantassell served on numerous State boards and committees and his influence greatly benefited citizens of the Uintah Basin. One of the more significant committees was his service as president of the Senate Transportation Committee. Mr. Vantassell currently sits as a voting member on the Utah Highway Commission. This commission's responsibility is to evaluate and prioritize state road projects. During this episode we'll discuss with Mr. Vantassell state transportation infrastructure in the region including improvements past, present and future for Hwy 40 from Heber to Vernal. Also discussed is rural Utah's shrinking legislative influence, rural economic development and the Wasatch Front's rapid growth and it's affect on rural Utah roads. We also visit with Vernal Mayor Doug Hammond about the decommission of the Hwy 40 scenic overlook west of Vernal.

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Tammy Taylor - Counseling and Psychological Services USU

Tammy Taylor has worked with domestic violence survivors, hospice, school settings, and taught courses at BYU-Idaho, and now CAPS at USU. Together we'll lean what grief is and how it plays a role in our lives, the stages of grief and mourning.

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Opioids in the Basin

Addiction to prescription pain relievers, heroin and synthetic opioids such as fentanyl is a serious national, state and local problem. Sandra Richins and Kathryn Jurado from Northeastern Counseling discuss the health risks and social consequences addiction to opioids have in our rural communities.

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Addicts II Athletes

With the stated mission to erase addiction and replaced it with things of greater value such as health, recreation, service, relationships, and team unity, Coach James Johnson is well under way to building a dynamic team in the Uintah Basin. Coach Johnson is joined by team member, Hailey Goddard, each sharing experiences they've had in their journey toward sobriety. To learn more about Addicts II Athletes visit http//

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UHS Student Council Veteran Project

Malorie Luck and McKinnle Mull with UHS Student Council. Uintah High School will honor local veterans this Veteran's Day by building a wall of Uintah Alumni Veterans. They don't want to leave anyone out. if you or someone you know who attended UHS please provide the school with an 8x10 picture that they can keep and reuse and a brief write-up about the honored veteran including name, year they attended UHS, branch of military they served in and highest rank achieved during their service. You can deliver the information to the front desk at Uintah High School or mail them to Uintah High School 1880 W. 500 N. Vernal, Utah 84078. Questions call Uintah High school at (435) 781-3110

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