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Uintah Rail Update Pam Juliano 8-26-21

Rio Grande Pacific Railroad Diretor of Government Affairs Pam Juliano and Vernal Area Chamber of Commerce Director, Joel Brown discuss the status of the Uintah Railway, timeline, and what it would mean to Uintah Basin families.

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Senator Mike Lee

Senator Mike Lee visited the Uintah Basin Thursday, Aug 26th to meet with local leader and constituents during a town hall meeting. KVEL had the opportunity to visit with the Senator to discuss topics like the crisis in Afghanisan, government spending and federal Uintah Basin projects which he supports.

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Senator Mitt Romney 8-25-21 KVEL Interview

Utah Senator Mitt Romney has been traveling aournd the state this week discussing the recently Senate-passed infrastructure bill and Jobs Act. We ask what this means for the Uintah Basin and other rural Utah Communities. Senator Romney shares his thoughts on the mounting Afghanistan crisis brought about by our military withdrawl from the country.

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Senator Mike Lee's Comments on the 1.3 Trillion Dollar Infrustructure Investment and Jobs Act.

Utah Senator Mike Lee interview on Newstalk KVEL in Vernal UT on reasons for his opposition of the Infrustructure Investment and Jobs Act. Interview aired 8-5-21

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Direct Link Wtih Utah Governor Spencer Cox Radio Program 8-10-21

Direct Link with Utah Governor Spencer Cox is a statewide call in radio program with an emphasis on Rural Utah issues. This program aired on KVEL Aug. 10, 2021

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Representative Blake Moore Aug 13th Town Hall

Representative Blake Moore joined KVEL's Steve Evans for a candid conversation about Pres. Biden's directive for OPEC to increase drilling thereby increasing our dependance on foreign oil. Also discussion on the 1.2 trillion-dollar infrustructure bill and the 3.5 trillion dollar buget increase making room for the proposed Human Infrastructure Bill. What does this mean for Uintah Basin families? Listen for his perspective

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Representative Blake Moore July 8 2021 Basin Visit

Representative Blake Moore discusses a host of subjects including drought conditions in Utah, infrastructure needs and efforts in play to allow better recreational access to public lands.

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Sen. Mike Lee KVEL Interview 4-30-21

UT. Sen. Mike Lee responds to President Biden's Joint Address to Congress Wednesday. Discussed the nearly 6 trillion new debt incurred through the nearly 6 trillion in spending associated with legislation on COVID Relief, transportation and the American Families Plan. Lee, a member of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee addressed matters concerning energy development on public lands

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Education UHS Semester vs Trimester

UHS is one of only 17 schools in Utah which operates on a trimester schedule. Advocates for a change to a UHS semester block schedule, parents Liz Nielson, Katie Abrams and Jen Curtis discuss the many advantages. Interview aired on Newstalk 104.5 FM KVEL on Feb. 22nd.

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Preserving Sports for Female Students Utah H.B. 302

The Utah State Legislature is debating a bill that would protect women from competing against transgender males identifying as a woman. House Bill 302 titled Preserving Sports for Female Students, would require public schools to designate athletic activities by sex. Furthermore, It would prohibit a student of the male sex from participating in athletic activities designated for female students. Bill Sponsor, House District 53 Representative Kera Birkeland which includes Daggett, Morgan and the northwestern portion of Duchesne County. Interview aired on Newstalk 104.5 FM KVEL on 2-16-21

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Representative Blake Moore Feb 9th Basin Visit

Representative Blake Moore made his first visit to the Uintah Basin since taking office as Congressman for Utah's 1st Congressional District on February 9th. During his visit, he met with local leaders and industry representatives about the potential impacts the Biden Administrations actions will have on the fossil fuel industry and subsequent economy in the Uintah Basin. Interview aired on Newstalk 104.5 FM and AM 920 KVEL on Feb. 9, 2021

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Uintah Basin Energy Forecast

According to Summit Energy's Director of Marketing Operations, Reed Page, the future of energy production in the Uintah Basin is positive in spite of recent actions by the Biden Administration.

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Future of Energy Production in Uintah Basin is Bright

According to energy economist Reed Page, the future of energy production in the Uintah Basin is bright. During this 20 minute discussion on local energy forecast, Summit Energy's Reed Page shares his opinions on subjects like the suspension of oil and gas leases on public lands, cancelation of the Keystone Pipeline, the future of faking, consequences for energy producers due to the U.S. entering into the Paris Agreement and what that could mean to energy producers in the Uintah Basin.

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COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution - Tri-County Health

Tri-County Health Educator, Jake Isaacson shares timely information about the COVID-19 Vaccine distribution in the Tri-County Region

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Interim Uintah County Attorney Jon Stearmer

Saturday, January 16th Uintah County Attorney Greg Lamb was sworn in as 8th District Court Judge. Uintah County Deputy Attorney Jon Stearmer who represents Uintah Counties civil interests has been appointed to serve as interim county attorney until the selection process for transpires. Mr. Stearmer visit's with Newstalk 104.5 KVEL about this transition and his ambitions to serve the citizens of Uintah County.

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US Representative Blake Moore

Congressman Blake Moore addresses Wednesday's tragedy at the U.S. Capital and his congressional vote to certify the state elections. He also provides his perspective of government affairs over the next two years with Democratic controlled Senate, House and Presidency.

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Uintah Basin Rail Update Nov 4 2020

Mike McKee, Seven County Infrastructure Coalition Executive Director, provides an update on the Uinta Rail project. Project scope, timelines, public comment dates and an announcement from private finance company Drexel Hamilton about proposed changes to public private partnership agreement once the project is commercialized. Great news for Utah's energy producing counties. McKee was a guest on the Uintah Basin Today Show on Newstalk KVEL. Program aired on Nov. 4 2020

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Madeline Kazantzis (R) Write-in Candidate for Utah Governor

Conservative voters have a choice beyond Spencer Cox for Utah Governor this election. Madeline Kazantzis and her family attended the Mainstreet Vernal Trump parade Friday and stopped by the KVEL studios to discuss her candidacy, her motivations, qualifications and vision for Utah.

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Westyn's Vision - Children With Disabilities Playground Project

Children with disabilities struggle to experience the joys other children take for granted like playing with friends on playground equipment in our local parks. Shaylee and Johnny Hacking are local parents of Westyn, a child with disabilities. Motivated by her strong desire for Westyn to experience activities like others, Shaylee began fundraising efforts to build a playground for children with disabilities in the Naples Community Park. Interview on KVEL 9-28-20

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