The Dance

One of the most important things a new parent can do for their child is - can you guess? First: talk to your baby. Second: talk to your baby and third, talk to your baby! The interactions between a baby and its mother as they look, talk, and make faces back and forth have been referred to as the dance. Dancing with your child helps facilitate their development in a way that is highly important for the organization of their brain and future accomplishments in life. Parents who use gestures, pictures or other objects while “dancing” with their infant children, speed up their children’s rate of learning new words, it teaches future learning skills and advances your emotional bond with your child. This is Sheree Meyer, as a mother and now a grandmother, I cherish this intimate time with my sweet little babies. My husband too has learned to dance! The healthy bond that we share with our adult children is a result of learning to dance with our infant children….. Stregthen your family, one moment at a time, beginning today.

Sep 25, 2016