Turn Toward Each Other

As a friend and I were talking the other day about our financial troubles, she shared that she doesn’t know of a single family that isn’t struggling right now. During stressful times, couples either pull together or fall apart. At times like this couples can build a stronger marital bond or create a growing distance. Hi, this is Sheree Meyer with a family moment. Doctor John Gottman says that couples who turn towards each other remain emotionally engaged and stay married. He offered the following advice to fuel the romance in your marriage: Let your spouse know often that he or she is valued, and if you know they are having a bad day, take one minute out of your day to offer simple words of encouragement. It’s important to remember that many times we ignore each other’s emotional needs out of mindlessness and not malice. Take time to turn toward one another, when you do this you’ll build a trusting bond that will draw you together when times get tough. Strengthen your family one moment at a time, beginning today.

Feb 25, 2016