Unplug and Check In

It was 1993, not that long ago, I had two little ones, no cell phone, no texts, no Facebook and no computer. The only thing I was plugged into at that time was my family. Today I find that most of my social interaction with family and friends is unfortunately through my smart phone. The temptation to check in with my handy gadget while checking out on my family is sometimes too much to resist. Has this ever happened to you? While together with your family, you look up and everyone is staring mindlessly at their phone? Hi, this is Sheree Meyer with a family moment. To create strong relationships with those we love we need to turn off our technology and plug back in to our families. Dinner time is a perfect time to unplug. A friend of mine has everyone turn off their phone and put them on the counter before they sit down for dinner. It is only for an hour, during which time stories are shared, relationships are strengthened, and most importantly children feel love and a sense of togetherness. Try this in your home tonight. Strengthen your family one moment at a time.

Sep 25, 2016