Aura Picture Party

Awaken your Divine Essence! Start your journey of healing and balancing your mind, body, spirit, and energy with a snap shot of your aura. Whether you are beginner, an expert or someone in between, an aura picture is a window of your inner self.

Metaphysical Intuitive, Amanda Smith will be at Inspiring Energy offering aura pictures. Not only will you receive a picture of your aura, you will also receive a report filled with information about yourself. (I found mine to be extremely accurate). Is your yin-yang in balance? Are you stressed or relaxed? What is your energy level? Getting an aura picture can help you to refocus your mind and intentions so you can create a higher state of consciousness.

While you wait for your turn with Amanda, explore some of the services that Tessie offers at Inspiring Energy. There will be information on Reiki, Chakras, Meridians and more. So come, bring a friend, and socialize in a safe healing environment.

There will be refreshments provided.

No shoes allowed inside, so please bring a pair of socks or your slippers.

Parking is limited. So if going with friends, please car pool.