Relationship Mapping-Women Only with Laurel Huston

This is a fun and exciting 1 day Women’s Only Class about relationships and ALL they entail: love, intimacy, communication, and more. No matter what your current relationship is like this class will help enhance all aspects of it. But it is not for the shy…

We talk about BODIES! What they are capable of and how to show the most love and respect for them. The tools are for any, and all who want to strengthen relationships, better communications and increase intimacy.

This course is designed to help you thrive in your Feminine energy and balance out the Masculine. Reclaim your sexy sensual self and find joy in it NOT shame. We will also DESIGN the life you are craving and set up steps to help you create it

You will be trained:

  • Learn how to honor and respect your body
  • Restructure the way you talk about intimacy and bodies
  • Restoring proper energy (mas/fem)
  • Better your relationship, connection and communication with your lover
  • Find SAFETY in relationships
  • Learn to express Desires NOT Demands and have them come to you
  • Design a life instead of living in Default
  • And So much MORE

Find the proper path to the BEST parts of having a strong relationship!

**Join us for the day at Stone Hollow Event Center! Included with your ticket, Stone Hollow will be catering lunch with a variety of soup and sandwich options, a salad bar and dessert. Coffee, tea and water bar throughout the day.