Gorgeously Embracing You!


I'm Jerica Church and I am super excited to be teaching a class at the Meraki Wellness Center in Vernal, Utah on March 7th!! Embracing who I am has been a HUGE part of my journey. I never felt like who I was deep down was good enough for the world so I hid behind many masks until one day I said enough is enough... and that changed my life. I am weird and goofy and the moment I let the world see that was the moment people started to actually except me. I started to feel loved and admired by the people that surround me. I didn't feel like I had to hide anymore... I felt..FREE.
I want to teach you the top tips and tools that I use to truly embrace who you are wherever you go because who you really are is beautiful and it's time for the world to see that.
I am a Self-Love Coach and I speak at multiple events, retreats and conferences who lives in Elko, NV with my two babies and handsome husband.

Gorgeously Embracing You is for you if...
- You feel embarrassed going out in public without wearing make up or dressing up.
- You want to love your body the way it is today.
- You just need a night away with like minded people.
- You want to be more confident in your skin.
- You want to embrace who you are but you just don't know how.
You just want to get out of your house and enjoy a night out with your friends.

Here you will experience....
- AN INCREDIBLE secret activity
- Being pampered with self-care & love
- A group meditation

Tickets are $25 pre-order and $35 at the door.
There are only 17 spots Left so invite your girlfriends and get your tickets now.