Confined Space Entry/Trenching Safety - Vernal City — Utah Local Governments Trust

Confined space and trench work are some of the most dangerous work we do. Over the years we have collectively experienced multiple fatalities and serious injuries in trenches and confined spaces in Utah local government operations. How do you protect yourself from the hidden dangers that these jobs contain? Are you doing things right? How do you comply with the updated OSHA requirements? Who is responsible to make these spaces safe? Where do you turn for answers? In this interactive regional training, we will show you what the hazards are, help you comply with the standards and, most importantly, go home safe every day! Sign up NOW!

There are several different dates, times, and locations. You may attend training at any of these locations. If you’d like to attend at a location different from the link on this notice, simply go to our website (, select Training & Events, choose the date you’d like to attend, then follow registration instructions.