The Gobbler 5K Fun Run/Walk

Our mission starts with commUNITY. Each year we choose a family in our community that has fallen on hard times. Our goal is to be able to show them some love and support. The holiday season is about giving, but for us, we've seen the holidays have become so much more about presents than kindness and that is something we want to change, and bring the focus back on kindness and giving. In our lives we have seen many people close to us have to go through hard times, and we wanted to give back. We would rather give to a family that might not even have the money for bread or milk, let alone presents. Since *giving* is the reason for the season there is no better day than Thanksgiving to be: THANKFUL for what our families have and are able to give, and GIVING back to families in NEED. With the Holiday/Christmas madness it seems we are often so wrapped up and stressed about trying to buy the perfect gift for someone that has everything that we lose focus on the fact there are so many families that are struggling. We want to continue to refocus our traditions to start off with GIVING and would be THANKFUL to have you join us in this fun holiday tradition! #thegobbler5k