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We interview candidates for local and state elections

Madeline Kazantzis (R) Write-in Candidate for Utah Governor

Conservative voters have a choice beyond Spencer Cox for Utah Governor this election. Madeline Kazantzis and her family attended the Mainstreet Vernal Trump parade Friday and stopped by the KVEL studios to discuss her candidacy, her motivations, qualifications and vision for Utah.

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Spencer Cox (R) Candidate for Utah Governor

Utah Lieutenant Governor Spencer Cox explains how, if elected, his administration would address issues facing rural Utah including economic growth incentives and infrastructure investments. Cox comments on recent the recent surge in Covid-19 cases in Utah and answers whether he would advocate shutting down Utah's economy a second time. Interview aired 6-26-20 on Newstalk KVEL.

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Greg Hughes (R) Candidate Utah Governor

Greg Hughes (R) Candidate for Utah Governor shared his opinions why he would be a better Utah Governor for rural Utah. Huges committed to providing additional Investment in rural infrastructure, economic incentives and moving state agencies to rural areas of the state to help stabilize and stimulate rural economic growth. Program aired on KVEL 6-24-2020

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Bob Stevenson (R) Candidate Utah's 1st Congressional District

Bob Stevenson (R) Candidate for Utah's 1st Congressional District shares his thoughts on current threats to our democracy, rural economic growth and stability, oil and gas industries, public lands and more. Stevenson is currently serving as Davis County Commissioner and has served as Layton City Mayor. Interview aired on KVEL 6-23-20

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David Leavitt (R) Candidate Utah Attorney General

David Leavitt is now serving as Utah County Attorney. As Utah's top law enforcement official he pledges to fight to defend and protect civil liberties afforded us under the U.S. Constitution. He will be an advocate for Utah's law enforcement agencies, and strive for criminal justice reform. David Leavitt is the brother of former Utah Governor Mike Leavitt. He was raised in Iron County and has served as Juab County Attorney and City Attorney for Nephi and Fillmore, Leavitt understands issues related to rural Utah.

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Greg Hughes (R) Candidate Utah Governor

During his recent visit to the Uintah Basin, Greg Hughes (R) Candidate for Utah Governor shared his opinions on the State's response to the Coronavirus Pandemic, recent demonstrations and riots in Utah and across the nation and his opinion on rural Utah's waning infrastructure and what needs to be done to prepare rural communities for growth and economic stability. Program aired on KVEL 6-17-2020

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Blake Moore (R) Candidate Utah's 1st Congressional District

Blake Moore is a former quarterback at Utah State University. After finishing his bachelor’s degree at University of Utah, Moore obtained a Master’s in Public Policy and Administration from Northwestern University. He served as a Foreign Service Officer for the US Department of State, in the intelligence and defense community. For the past decade, Moore has been with Cicero Group, a Utah-based management consulting firm. Blake and his wife Jane have three boys and reside in Salt Lake City.

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Brock Slaugh (R) Candidate Uintah County Surveyor

Brock Slaugh has served Uintah County as Chief Deputy Surveyor. He is a certified federal surveyor and is an expert in the preservation of controlling monuments. Pictured - Brock and his wife Jennifer. Aired KVEL 6-10-20

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Brad Horrocks (R) Candidate for Uintah County Commission Seat C

Brad Horrocks is a lifetime resident of Uintah County, a successful local business owner and civic leader. Over the many years he has volunteered his time, talent and resources to support countless civic projects and organizations. 4 years ago, Brad Horrocks ran for Uintah County Commissioner on the platform promise to reduce county overhead, reduce debt and to hold the county departments more accountable.

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Utah Rep. Rob Bishop (R) Wright Bishop Gubernatorial Race

Congressman Rob Bishop has served as the Congressman for Utah’s 1st Congressional District since 2003 and is now in his 8th and final term. Congressman Bishop has been a congressional leader the ongoing quest to provide for more local control and multiple use of our public lands. Most recently Representative Bishop let the fight for the transfer of 790 acres of public lands, known as the Ashley Springs Property to Uintah County to protect the watershed and underground karst system and aquifer the source of culinary water for the 35,000 citizens in Uintah County. Congressman Bishop has joined the Thomas Wright ticket for Utah Governor, and if Mr. Wright is elected, Bishop will serve as Utah’s next Lieutenant Governor.

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Thomas Wright (R) Utah Gubernatorial Candidate

Thomas Wright is a Republican Candidate for Utah Governor. He is joined on his ticket by Utah Congressman Rob Bishop who has served as our congressional representative for the past 14 years. Thomas Wright has made several personal visits to the Uintah Basin during his campaign for governor, most recently to attend the Utah’s 1st Rural Utah Gubernatorial Debate aired last Monday evening from Vernal Utah. Thomas Wright was elected twice as chairman of the GOP where he served from 2011 to 2013. Mr. Wright is a small business owner and understands the challenges Utah’s small business owners face in today's challenging marketplace. This interview aired on Newstalk KVEL 6-15-20

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Troy Slaugh (R) Uintah County Commission

Retired Uintah County Sheriff Deputy Troy Slaugh answers questions on issues relevant to Uintah County and shares his vision for office.

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Katie Witt (R) Candidate for Utah Congressional District 1

Katie Witt Kaysville City Mayor and (R) Candidate for Utah Congressional District 1 has been making news headlines recently due to her support of a planned Utah Business Revival trade show and concert in the city park in Kaysville. The city council shut it down yet Davis County approved the opening of Lagoon the same weekend. Double standard? You be the judge. Interview aired on KVEL 6-3-20

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Paul Hawkes (R) Candidate for Uintah County Surveyor

Paul Hawkes together with his wife and special guest Megan discuss his desire to serve county citizens as Uintah County Surveyor.

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Kerry Gibson (R) Candidate Utah's 1st Congressional District

During his 5th visit to the Uintah Basin, Kerry Gibson stopped by the KVEL studios to share his thoughts on economic problems resulting from the Cornoavirus Pandemic, government overreach and it's affects on the agriculture and energy industries. Program aired on KVEL 5-18-20.

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Wendi Long Uintah County Treasurer

Wendi Long, (R) incumbent Uintah County Treasurer. Wendi has served as Uintah county Treasurer for 14 years. Previously, Wendi served as Deputy Treasurer for 10 years. Wendi discusses the current financial condition of Uintah County, how the peoples money is invested and her opinion on management issues including paying off county debt.

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Jon Huntsman (R) Utah Gubernatorial Candidate

Former US Ambassador to China and Utah Governor Jon Huntsman discusses future US relations with China post COVID-19. He shares his opinion on possible reparations and the US dependency on items manufactured in China including pharmaceuticals. Mr. Huntsman also shares his thoughts on Utah's obligation to small business owner operators during this crisis. Interview aired on KVEL 4-20-20

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Shawn Labrum (R) Candidate Uintah County Commission

Shawn Labrum shares his thoughts about the management of Uintah County, his position on issues facing the County and states reasons why he would like to serve as Uintah County Commissioner.

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Chris Laris (R) Candidate Uintah County Treasurer

Local businessman Chris Laris discusses his values, vision and goals for office as Uintah County Treasurer. Issues discussed include County debt, accountability, transparency and working in harmony with other elected officials. This interview aired on Newstalk KVEL on 6-13-20

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Doug Durbano (R) Candidate Utah's 1st Congressional District

Constitutional Law Attorney, Private Businessman and Republican, Doug Durbano addresses his views on our Constitution Republic form of government, the shrinking rural American legislative voices and more. Durbano feels that corruption is rampant and it's time to stand up for change. This 26 minute interview is informative and entertaining. We invite you to listen in.

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