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Katie Witt (R) Candidate for Utah Congressional District 1

Katie Witt made Utah history as the first woman to qualify for the ballot for Utah’s first congressional district. As Mayor of Kaysville Utah, Witt sparked recent controversy after she authorized plans to produce a large, free open-air concert with country music performer Collin Ray on Saturday, May 30th in the Barnes Park in Kaysville. Witt defends her decision while promoting her conservative values during a May 18th interview on Newstalk KVEL.

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Kerry Gibson (R) Candidate Utah's 1st Congressional District

During his 5th visit to the Uintah Basin, Kerry Gibson stopped by the KVEL studios to share his thoughts on economic problems resulting from the Cornoavirus Pandemic, government overreach and it's affects on the agriculture and energy industries. Program aired on KVEL 5-18-20.

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Wendi Long Uintah County Treasurer

Wendi Long, (R) incumbent Uintah County Treasurer. Wendi has served as Uintah county Treasurer for 14 years. Previously, Wendi served as Deputy Treasurer for 10 years. Wendi discusses the current financial condition of Uintah County, how the peoples money is invested and her opinion on management issues including paying off county debt.

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John Swallow (R) Candidate Utah Attorney General

We are experiencing a health crisis and an economic crisis but are we also experiencing a constitutional crisis? John Swallow (R) Candidate Utah Attorney General shares his opinion on our society's movement away from individual liberties during times of crisis. He addresses public lands, shrinking rural Utah's legislative voice and the need for improved infrastructure in the Uintah Basin

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Jeff Burningham (R) Gubernatorial Candidate

Utah Gubernatorial Candidate Jeff Burningham shares his thoughts regarding post COVID economic recovery, his vision for Utah and how rural Utah communities factor in while planning for Utah's future.

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Jon Huntsman (R) Utah Gubernatorial Candidate

Former US Ambassador to China and Utah Governor Jon Huntsman discusses future US relations with China post COVID-19. He shares his opinion on possible reparations and the US dependency on items manufactured in China including pharmaceuticals. Mr. Huntsman also shares his thoughts on Utah's obligation to small business owner operators during this crisis. Interview aired on KVEL 4-20-20

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Uintah County Commissioner Brad Horrocks

UIntah County Commissioner, Brad Horrocks (R) incumbent candidate for Uintah County Commission Seat C this election, addresses issues regarding COVID-19 economic recovery, this summer's planned community events and financial condition of Uintah County. Interview aired on KVEL 4-17-2020

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Shawn Labrum (R) Candidate Uintah County Commission

Shawn Labrum shares his thoughts about the management of Uintah County, his position on issues facing the County and states reasons why he would like to serve as Uintah County Commissioner.

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Chris Laris (R) Candidate Uintah County Treasurer

Local businessman Chris Laris discusses his values, vision and goals for office as Uintah County Treasurer. Issues discussed include County debt, accountability, transparency and working in harmony with other elected officials. This interview aired on Newstalk KVEL on 6-13-20

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Utah Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Greg Hughes

It's an election year and Utah candidates are trying to conduct their campaigns amid the social distancing requirements. Utah Gubernatorial Candidate Greg Hughes reached out to Uintah Basin Citizens by phone to share his thoughts about the Coronavirus health crisis, economic recovery, and rural Utah's future. This interview aired on Newstalk 104.5 FM and AM 920 KVEL Thursday evening, April 2nd 2020.

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Doug Durbano (R) Candidate Utah's 1st Congressional District

Constitutional Law Attorney, Private Businessman and Republican, Doug Durbano addresses his views on our Constitution Republic form of government, the shrinking rural American legislative voices and more. Durbano feels that corruption is rampant and it's time to stand up for change. This 26 minute interview is informative and entertaining. We invite you to listen in.

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Thomas Wright (R) Utah Gubernatorial Candidate

Thomas Wright was elected twice as Chairman of the GOP where he served from 2011 to 2013. Mr. Wright is the owner, president and principal broker of Sotheby's International Realty in Park City. Under his stewardship, Summit Sotheby's has grown from 135 million in 2008 to 2.2 billion in 2019. He is the son of Utah Republican nominee for governor, Bob Wright who was defeated by Scott Matheson in 1980. Thomas has chosen Ut. Congressman Rob Bishop to serve as his Lieutenant Governor if elected. Thomas Wright lives in Salt Lake City with his wife Caroline and 4 kids.

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Utah Lieutenant Gov. Spencer Cox

Gubernatorial candidate Spencer Cox reached out to citizens of the Uintah Basin on Monday, February 17th to discuss his position on issues facing rural Utah citizens. Spencer Cox is one of 6 candidates campaigning to succeed Utah Governor Gary Herbert, who is not running for re-election. Mr. Cox addresses issues pertaining to rural Utah citizens.

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Howard Wallack (R) Candidate Utah's 1st Congressional District

Howard Wallack proudly proclaims he has never held a political office. He is a former school teacher and has owned and operated a successful trucking company. He feels that due to his experience in business and the classroom he is in a better represent the hard working citizens of the Uintah Basin in Congress.

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Utah Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Greg Hughes

Utah Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Greg Hughes addresses questions relevant to citizens of the Uintah Basin including, Ural Utah's shrinking legislative influence, public lands, Utah tax reform, how to address Utah's growing population with rural infrastructure expansion and much more. Mr. Hughes served in Utah House of Representatives since 2003, he served as Speaker of the House of Representatives from 2015 to 2018. He served as Chairman of the House Education Committee, UTA Board of Trustees. He sponsored the resolution calling on President Trump to rescind the Bears Ears National Monument declaration. He also fought to compel the federal government to honor our statehood promise to transfer title to our public lands.

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