“If You’re Not Sure, Don’t Try It!” Tip From Dinosaur National Monument

One young man’s lesson while visiting Dinosaur National Monument is a lesson for all. Monument officials share that a young man recently climbed up a cliff face thinking he could get safely down but instead found himself stuck on a ledge 36 ½ feet off the ground. “A fall could have easily killed him,” they share. “If he survived the fall, it would have certainly injured him, perhaps permanently. The young man was trapped.” Thankfully, the young man was convinced to stay put and Park Rangers trained in Search and Rescue techniques were called and able to rescue him without any injuries. “So, when hiking or scrambling across rock, be very careful about where you go and always anticipate that the way you went up or across may become impossible going in the reverse direction,” shares Monument officials. “If you’re not sure, don’t try it! Perhaps the best rule is to stay on established trails.” One final bit of advice is to consider that coming back from a hike in one piece is a lot more fun than riding away in an ambulance. 


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