Save The Marquee! Donor Matching Donations Dollar For Dollar On Friday

Vernal Theatre: LIVE has been working hard to preserve a historic landmark on their building, the theatre’s marquee. The end goal is $50,000 dollars and currently the total is sitting at $42,000 dollars. This Friday brings a great opportunity to reach the goal. “We have a private donor who has made us an offer,” shares the theatre’s announcement. “They will MATCH every donation, dollar for dollar, to help us double what comes in. So this Friday, August 5th, we have 24 hours and if we raise $4,000 dollars, the donor will match it with $4,000 and we will HIT OUR GOAL TO SAVE THE MARQUEE!” The marquee means more than just a sign. To Vernal Theatre: Live “this investment becomes a significant step forward in continuing to revitalize downtown and our historic Main Street. It provides an opportunity to boost the Arts downtown as patrons see that we continue to grow and have a community focus, and it also builds opportunities for making Main Street a place we all want to be.” Donations can be made at, through Charitable Friends of Ashley Valley, or on the gofundme page. Every donation helps and is very appreciated!


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