DWR Reminds Public of Need For Hunter Education

To hunt in Utah, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources reminds the public that everyone born after December 31st, 1965 must complete a state-offered hunter education class or participate in the Trial Hunting Program. January and February are the most popular months for hunter education courses, so people can apply for the big game hunt drawing. The next-busiest months are July and August, right before the fall general-season big game hunts. To take a hunter education course a person has the option of either taking a traditional in-person class led by an instructor or an online course followed by an in-person field day. Both options include a final written test and the “field day” with hands-on skills demonstration and a live-fire shooting exercise at the end. Utah’s Trial Hunting Program gives individuals a chance to try hunting with an experienced hunter and see if it is something they’d like to pursue. Persons are not required to take hunter education to participate in this program. 


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