Uintah County Animal Shelter Presented With Check At Chamber Luncheon

Like shelters across the state, the Uintah County Animal Shelter has been at capacity and working hard through many difficulties. Their efforts were recognized on Tuesday during the Vernal Chamber luncheon as they were presented with a donation. On behalf of Charitable Friends of Ashley Valley, Darlene Burns explained that Rebecca Boren, owner/operator of Little B’s, is involved in helping the community and instigated this $1,000 dollar donation to the Uintah County Animal Shelter. The following statement from Boren was read: “You will not find a more dedicated and hardworking staff than what we have been blessed with at our own Uintah Basin Animal Shelter. They fight a thankless and endless battle to save the lives of animals every single day.” Well done Rebecca Boren and your team for setting an example of caring for every creature.



Thanks Rebecca Boren So Very Much!
Your Donation Is Dearly Appreciated and on Behalf of The Entire Local Community A Very
Grateful and Sincere Thanks to You for Your Gracious Support To These Wonderful Creatures. Thank You!

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