Kids Canal Meeting Presents Plan Variation; Meeting August 8th Vernal City Hall

Modifications to the canal company’s plans for Kids Canal in Vernal were discussed at a public meeting last week hosted by the US Department of Agriculture NRCS and Uintah County. The meeting followed up on public comments received at the Open House held on June 14th and presented a Kids Canal design variation. While the public requests that the canal remain in place with a water feature, the Canal Company made a presentation concluding that full piping is necessary because otherwise there is too much evaporation and seepage. The alternative design, however, would leave the mature vegetation and trees alone as well as the existing canal and place the irrigation pipe under the side of the canal nearest the roadway. The meeting also included a presentation by the NRCS State Resource Specialist Tara Hoffman which focused on the historic significance of Kids Canal and that the adverse effect on the community needs to be mitigated. Comments can still be emailed to until August 12th. A joint City/County meeting is being held on August 8th at Vernal City Hall and Kids Canal is on the agenda to be discussed. 


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