Local Families Find Butch Cassidy’s Lost Loot With Outlaws Lost Treasure Hunt

Two local families are a bit richer after a weekend of successful treasure hunting! Red Exit Escapes approached Vernal City Manager Quinn Bennion early in the year with the idea of putting together a treasure hunt for the community. Bennion recruited the Uintah County Travel and Tourism team and the result? The large-scale Outlaws Lost Treasure Hunt was held in tandem with the John Wesley Powell Riverfest in Vernal over the weekend. 1,447 participants broke into 354 teams signed up with hopes of finding the $10,000 dollar treasure. 205 of those participants traveled from outside the area to get in on the thrill of the hunt. With such a coveted prize on the line, organizers made sure the puzzles would take work and real problem solving. As clues were released, some teams began to associate with each other. This proved to be a winning strategy for Team 184 and 266 who found it very helpful to bounce ideas off each other and decided to form an alliance. Their wild day led them 23 miles out of town to a spot near Horseshoe Bend on the Green River where they were shocked and excited to find the hidden treasure of $10,000 dollars to share. The Hills and the Embletons agreed that while the hunt was at times overwhelming, it was a worthwhile adventure of learning about local history and creating a deeper connection to the place they call home. A video about the puzzles and how to solve them is available on the Outlaw’s Lost Treasure Hunt Facebook page. 


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