Uintah County Commission Votes To Reduce Certified Tax Rate

The Uintah County Commission held a special public meeting on Tuesday to discuss and approve the 2022 Certified Tax Rate. Commissioner Bill Stringer explained some of the thought process in adopting a lower rate; namely that, in his words, the county has been collecting more than it needs to operate. He described that some benefits (that have since been scaled back) of county employees are an example of the county using tax dollars to the great advantage of the county employees but not to the benefit of the taxpayer. The discussion also included emphasis that it’s dangerous to cut the budget too close and risk not having the funds for obligations or competitive wages to fill and retain positions. The Commissioners voted unanimously to reduce the Certified Tax Rate from 0.00297 to 0.001736 which is a 41.55 percent reduction from 2021 to 2022. Evans Family Media obtained financial documents that show this is a savings of over $3.7 million dollars. 


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