Give’m Health: Rabies Information

TriCounty Health’s Environmental Health Director Darrin Brown visited the Evans Family Media studios this week with a Give’m Health message on rabies. There are, in fact, cases of rabies that occur in Utah and while deaths in humans are very low, there are cases of rabies in animals and it is important to be cautious. Brown said that there are foreign countries with significant death rates, such as Africa that has about 30,000 human deaths a year from rabies contracted primarily from dog bites. The U.S. human deaths stay low because we vaccinate our animals. Cases of rabies in the U.S. are primarily from bats and so there remains a health risk of being exposed to rabies through contact with bats and other wildlife that may be infected. Pets and livestock are especially at risk and should always be vaccinated. All human and animal exposure to bats needs to be reported regardless of whether the bat appears to be rabid. It’s also important to note that rabies can be transferred by saliva so never handle a bat barehanded. If your pet brings a dead bat to you, call animal control.


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