Discovery Trail To Connect Elementary School To Nearby Neighborhoods

A new multi-use path is in the works to connect Discovery Elementary to the homes south of the school. “The Discovery Path is under design and will run from the south side of Discovery Elementary to 1500 South and along 1500 South to the Quailbrook neighborhood,” shares Vernal City Manager Quinn Bennion. “The trail will be asphalt with a fence on both sides and will provide a safe route to school for walkers and bicyclists…The path will help alleviate the vehicle traffic that is experienced in the neighborhood adjacent to Discovery Elementary and Robbinwood Lane.”  Majority of the funding will come from a UDOT TIF grant that was submitted by the DinoTrails Committee, shares Bennion, and the local matching funds are being pursued with a Tri-County Health program. It is hoped that construction will take place in the fall of 2022 or spring of 2023.


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