Outlaw’s Lost Treasure Hunt Coming Up With $10,000 Loot In Uintah County

Ready to amp up your summer plans? A legit treasure hunt opportunity is coming up and the prize is $10,000 dollars. Here’s the scoop: The hunt for ‘Outlaws Lost Treasure’ will begin the morning of July 29th in downtown Vernal. Timed hints will be released on Instagram, Facebook, the event website, and to email subscribers simultaneously. The hunt is designed to be complete within 3 days with additional hints and insights ready to be released to ensure the treasure is found by the evening of Sunday, July 31st. Teams can be any size and made up of any ages, although the puzzles will require a high level of problem solving skills. Subscribe for updates and view all the rules to play at www.OutlawsLostTreasure.com. The event is in conjunction with this year’s River Fest celebration and is free for all participants thanks to Uintah County Travel and Tourism as well as other local sponsors. 


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