Uintah School Board Rejects Tax Increase; Adopts Fiscal Year 2023 Budget

Decisions made at the Wednesday Uintah School Board meeting are positive for the pocketbooks of taxpayers in Uintah County. First, the board adopted the certified tax rate set by the state without modification. Second, the board chose to use money from District reserves to pay over $400,000 dollars it had to return as the result of incorrect valuation assessments by the state of Utah during previous tax years. The District could have collected those funds from the taxpayers through a Judgment Levy but chose to use reserves rather than place the burden on taxpayers. Uintah School District Business Administrator Jason Johnson stated, “The district remains financially strong while still balancing the board's desire and the public’s desire to keep taxes low.” Finally, the board unanimously adopted a $93.3 million dollar budget for Fiscal Year 2023. This budget includes a 5 percent increase on base salaries of District employees and calls for a reduction in the debt levy to collect $120,000 dollars less during Fiscal Year 2023. 


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