DWR: Remove Carp From Pelican Lake With Tags Worth Cash Reward

The Division of Wildlife Resources announced this week that they are hosting a tagged carp reward program to remove carp from Pelican lake. According to Fisheries Biologist Natalie Boren, there are common carp in Pelican Lake tagged with pink tags and all are encouraged to use any legal method (angling and bow-fishing are most popular) to remove them for the chance to win cash prizes. “Make it a competition between your family and friends,” shares Boren. "We will continue to add tags for one year and determine its success next May 2023. If the results show we were successful with carp removal, we will keep the tagged program going.” The reason officials are trying this is that managing carp in a place like Pelican Lake is difficult in the long term but when 30 to 40 percent of the population is removed each year it really helps keep the fishery healthy. Carp are opportunistic feeders that destroy both bluegill and bass nests and eat eggs and baby fish. By removing carp, the hope is to keep producing quality largemouth bass and bluegill for anglers for many years to come. 


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