Meet The Candidate: Ally Isom Republican Candidate For US Senate

Evans Family Media is providing the opportunity to get educated ahead of the upcoming primary election through the Meet The Candidate Radio Series. Ally Isom, who is a Republican candidate for US Senate, was the guest on the June 15th program. Isom has an extensive and varied professional background, including with the Huntsman Administration, Herbert staff, Workforce Services, Republican Party grass roots efforts, and the Kaysville City Council, among many other endeavors. Isom emphasized that because of her upbringing she believes in advocating for the working class. During the interview, Isom discusses domestic energy production, state infrastructure needs, proposed gun control and red flag laws, public lands, urban expansion into rural areas, and water resource management. To listen to the interview, visit and click on ‘Meet the Candidate’ under the Community tab. Continue to tune in to the Meet the Candidate Radio Series on Newstalk KVEL AM920 104.5 FM every weekday at 5:00pm leading up to the primary election on June 28th. Finally, before you cast your vote, remember, informed voters elect competent civic leaders.


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