Be Aware That It Might Take Longer to Launch Boat at Flaming Gorge

Those that are wanting to launch watercraft into Flaming Gorge this summer may need to plan for additional time for their boat inspection and at the marina. For those coming from the north, Evanston Port of Entry on I-80 is the mandatory invasive species inspection spot before they can launch their boat in Flaming Gorge this summer. Utah Division of Wildlife Resources officials report that an employee shortage is partially to blame for the limited inspection stations. Utah’s lakes and reservoirs require inspections and decontamination experts to inspect all watercraft for quagga mussels and other damaging invasive species. With the shortage of available seasonal workers, DWR officials have had to turn to Wyoming's inspections as they are valid in Utah. Boaters will be directed to go to the Wyoming station when visiting Flaming Gorge. 


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