Don’t Miss The Total Eclipse Of The Moon On Sunday

On the evening of Sunday, May 15th, Utahns will be the recipients of a total eclipse of the moon and Patrick Wiggins, the NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador to Utah, wants everyone to have a chance to experience it. “While the best viewing will be from locations with a very low southeastern horizon and away from the glare of urban light pollution, most everyone in Utah will be able to see at least parts of the eclipse,” shares Wiggins. The timetable for the event is: 8:27pm the partial eclipse starts with the moon below the horizon; 9:29pm the total eclipse starts with the moon on or slightly below the horizon; 10:11pm the maximum eclipse is underway with the moon low in the southeast sky; 10:53pm the total eclipse ends, partial eclipse begins, and at 11:55pm the partial eclipse ends. It should be noted that since this eclipse will happen so close to sunset and with the moon so low in the sky, observers, especially in light polluted areas, may not see the colors usually associated with total lunar eclipses. Unlike eclipses of the sun that require special viewing equipment, eclipses of the moon are safe to observe with no special equipment and require nothing more than clear skies and a desire to look. Enjoy!


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