Roosevelt Couple Charged With Transporting Guns And Drugs In Stolen Trailer

Charges were formally filed in 8th District Court on Monday against a Roosevelt couple who were arrested last week with a stolen trailer containing drugs and firearms. 41-year-old Jason Bret Ford and 39-year-old Jamie Ilene Ford are facing multiple felony charges of possession of a firearm by a restricted person, drug distribution and theft, as well as drug charges. Jamie Ford was also charged with DUI. The couple was arrested on May 4th in Duchesne County after being tracked from Las Vegas by federal agents. According to the Affidavit of Probable Cause, federal agents had information that Jason Ford was transporting guns and illicit drugs from the Las Vegas area to the Roosevelt area. Sheriff’s deputies located the vehicle as it pulled into Duchesne with a trailer that was listed as stolen out of the Las Vegas area. After a warrant was obtained, a search was performed and a large amount of drugs, including meth, was found along with drug paraphernalia, two hunting rifles, a shotgun, semi automatic pistols, a sawed off side-by-side shotgun, pistol gripped semi-auto rifle, loaded magazines, and loose ammunition. Both individuals are convicted felons and are being held in Duchesne County Jail without bail. 


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