Utah Leaders Plead for People to Be Cautious This Wildfire Season

Utahns have done a great job in taking steps to prevent human caused wildfires because of the drought. In fact, human-caused wildfires over the last year have dropped 51 percent but that doesn’t mean we should let our guard down. This year has state and federal officials bracing for a rough wildfire season since reservoirs are low, lands and soils are very dry and weather forecasts are calling for another season of above-normal fire conditions, starting in southern Utah and moving North. Firefighters are urging people to do all that they can to prevent wildfires and use fire sense in their activities, including ensuring vehicles do not have dragging chains and are properly maintained and limiting target shooting and fireworks to the appropriate areas. The Legislature took steps by giving the state the ability to close areas of extreme wildfire risk to target shooting entirely. All are urged to continue the trend of putting safety first. 


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