Senator Lee’s HOUSES Act Aims To Address Affordable Housing Shortage

Senator Mike Lee has introduced the HOUSES Act in an effort to address the shortage of affordable housing in Utah. HOUSES stands for Helping Open Underutilized Space to Ensure Shelter and is focused on allowing federal land to be purchased by a state or local government at a reduced price so they have flexibility as they seek to address housing constraints. Steve Evans, the Vernal Chamber Legislative Committee Chairman, spoke up in support of the effort. “Like the rest of the State of Utah, Uintah County has a severe shortage of affordable housing,” stated Evans. “Much of the area in Uintah County is under BLM jurisdiction and many of these larger tracts of land are not usable for recreation or other public uses. If this act is passed, it would allow counties like Uintah County to provide opportunities for affordable housing to be built. We very much support Senator Lee’s efforts to pass the HOUSES Act,” he concluded. Learn more about the HOUSES Act  at


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Just discovered this: Chinese entrepreneurs Zhang Renwu and Simon Wen Shao purchased an alfalfa farm near the small town of Jensen, Utah. Their farm, which is the largest Chinese-owned hay farm in the United States, has annually shipped over 22,000 tons of alfalfa to China since they purchased it.


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….why does China have green river water rights?

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