Roosevelt City Winterfest 2022

The main events of this year’s Roosevelt City Winterfest are taking place this week and there’s no better way to beat the January blues than to get involved. Winterfest has transformed over the years but it started thanks to avid skier and local dentist Dr. Doug Ogden who wanted to see a winter activity in Roosevelt that got more people outside. That year focused on cross country skiing and since has grown into a variety of fun family activities each January. This week there will be the Roosevelt Arts, Parks & and Rec Family Game Night on Friday, January 21st at the Crossroads Center starting at 6pm. On Saturday, there will be a sledding event at Constitution Park with free hot chocolate, doughnuts, and a whole lot of fun. Since that first year, other events have been added and changed to the annual Roosevelt Winterfest but the guarantee of family fun and bonding time remains the same.


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