Zions Bank Expands Scholarship Commitment To UBTech

UBTech made an exciting announcement this week. Zions Bank is greatly expanding its scholarship commitment to the school. UBTech was grateful for the original commitment of $25,000 dollars but were thrilled when Zions Bank CEO Scott Anderson arrived with not only the check for that amount but also four additional checks for a total of $125,000 dollars in scholarship donations. Anderson’s visit included a tour of campus and a celebration where the checks were presented. “We should be putting more resources into education,” Anderson said, telling students who attended the celebration that “their choice to enroll at UBTech is a wise investment. Education is a great equalizer.” All in attendance were grateful. “I can’t express my appreciation enough,” said Aaron Weight, president and CEO of UBTech. “Like UBTech, Zions Bank is truly in the people business. With their 150-year legacy, it’s the perfect partnership.”


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