Ashley National Forest Exploring Options With Old Stockmore Ranger Station

Ashley National Forest is exploring options of what to do with the old Stockmore Ranger Station and surrounding property. The announcement shares that “the Roosevelt/Duchesne Ranger District of the Ashley National Forest proposes to convey portions of the Stockmore administrative site to GSA as excess property. We anticipate that the property would then be transferred to the Bureau of Indian Affairs to be held in trust for the Ute Indian Tribe. The portions of the admin site to be conveyed include the historic ‘old Stockmore’ ranger station (parcel 1) south of Highway 35 and some excess property located north of the highway to the east of the horse pasture (parcel 2), located in Duchesne County. The historic Stockmore Ranger Station is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.” The area is located south of Highway 35 and the property and buildings to be conveyed are south of the highway easement issued to the State of Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT). Public comment is welcome. 


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