2021 Mayor’s Walk Report Presented At Vernal Chamber Luncheon

Changing the venue of a long standing community event can be a gamble but in the case of the annual Halloween Mayor’s Walk in Vernal, the gamble paid off. Vernal City Manager Quinn Bennion presented on the event during the Vernal Chamber Luncheon last week, explaining that the event originated in 1994 as a Trunk or Treat in the Davis Food & Drug parking lot that included a walk with the Mayor to Independence Park and back. The tradition started with 34 kids attending that first year. Eventually, the event was moved to the Uintah Recreation Center and then this year was moved to downtown Vernal. Bennion shares that 74 businesses participated downtown and about 3000 people were anticipated. Amazingly, over 5,000 attendees showed up! Bennion said they will be better prepared for the higher numbers next year and this year was considered a success. The event will continue to be held in downtown Vernal moving forward and organizers decided it will now be held on the Saturday before Halloween each year. 


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