Congressman Moore On Reconciliation Spending Package

Congressman Blake Moore had a lot to say following his vote against the reconciliation spending package on Friday. “As soon as the Senate became a 50/50 split, Democrats committed to trying to spend as much money as possible by abusing the budget reconciliation process,” stated Moore. “The narrow margins in Congress demonstrate that a radical tax-and-spend agenda is not what the American people want. Instead of rising to this moment for bipartisanship, Democrats have left us with inflated prices that have jumped to their highest levels in 31 years on everyday goods from gas to groceries. These federal spending packages are directly hurting hardworking Utah families. Rather than pushing these massive spending bills, our government needs to focus on tackling the crippling inflation, supply chain, and workforce shortages resulting from liberal policies.” Congressman Moore emphasized that he will continue to work to find ways to more responsibly respect Americans’ tax dollars and improve the country’s economic outlook.


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