Ashley National Forest Beaver Unit Prescribed Burn

The Beaver Unit is one of the areas planned for a Prescribed Fire and pile burning on the Duchesne/Roosevelt Ranger District this fall. The Beaver Unit is 1,802 acres. The plan is to burn 300 acres. This unit is at the North end of the West Reservation Ridge Prescribed Burn Project in the Beaver Creek drainage West of Strawberry Peak. The Forest boundary defines the Northwest, West, and South edge of the unit. The Eastern edge stops at the edge of the sagebrush adjacent to Forest Road 301, where timber begins. The Southeastern edge runs Southwest from the Forest boundary to the Northeast along the Timber Canyon rim ending approximately at the Junction of Forest Roads 81, 301 and 200. The Northern boundary butts up against existing stands of Douglas-fir and aspen and is approximately one to one and a half miles to the south of the Forest boundary. Those visiting the Forest are encouraged to have a map and be mindful of these plans. 


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