State Auditor Releases Financial Audit of Uintah County

Utah’s Office of the State Auditor has released the findings of a 2020 financial audit of Uintah County after the Auditor’s Office received what they called a whistleblower tip about potential misuse of funds. 13 findings were identified by the audit team that included what was classified as a lack of effective financial controls, procedures, and reporting; improper spending of Coronavirus relief fund monies; County officials not disclosing conflicts of interest; and ineffective federal program management and reporting, among other findings. Regarding the findings, State Auditor John Dougall stated that “both the Uintah County Commission and Clerk/Auditor share responsibility for overseeing the finances of Uintah County. They should take immediate steps to significantly improve internal processes, procedures, and adherence to state and federal guidelines.” The 128 page report includes details about the 13 findings as well as recommendations for each. The report also includes responses to each finding from Uintah County Clerk-Auditor Michael Wilkins and the Uintah County Commission from page 111 to page 127. The responses ranged from disagreement to acknowledgement and instances of landing somewhere in the middle. Visit to link to the full audit report. Evans Family Media is preparing and will distribute several follow up news stories over the next week regarding specific topics within the audit.


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From the State Auditors Report:

Uintah County distributed $117,000 to companies owned by certain County officials andtheirimmediatefamilymembers. Theserelatedpartydistributionswerenot disclosed in the notes to the Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards as they should have been; and, these conflicts of interest were not disclosed as required (see finding #11). These County officials sat on the committee that directed these disbursements…


person Disgusted

It's a crime

The committee including commissioners should be charged criminally.

person lawful

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This is unfortunate for Uintah County. I would encourage all in the scope of the Audit to be proactive in correcting the items highlighted that need to be addressed. Some can and should be fixed, others we are not able to fix, but adding policy and procedure then adopting and putting the new policy in place to make sure it does not return again. Good luck.

person Kevin Van Tassell

What a joke

Sounds like the county commissioner should be put in jail for fraud. How much money went back in his pockets? Not to mention the money wasted on murals. Looks like graffiti. I know some businesses paid for the murals but alot of covid relief money was wasted on painting the side of a buildings. Hopefully something is done with these crooks.

person Consequences


I am a business owner here in Uintah County. In bringing these corrupt charges to light I have been Harassed and threatened by county employees and their friends. Last year we were in every event but this year shunned from all county activities. My mane is constantly being smeared by county employees, city employees and their affiliates. I receive on a daily basis someone who comes into my store and tells me the things that are being said by county people NOT to do business with me. I have NO beef with these people and only stood for what I believed to be wrong. Yes the commissioners are at the head and allow this behavior, however the people under them are just as corrupt. Did you know the city and county now own their very own fleet of Paddleboards bought by taxpayer moneys? Bought so they could bypass my Free donation of boards for their events? Did you know people have gone to the county for an event but the minuet they mentioned me, they were shut down or discouraged? Its a scare tactic the "Pro Business" county has. How many businesses does the county have that competes with local businesses? Why is tri county health building fueling stations? Conference center? Snow hill? since when was local government in the theme park entertainment business? These people work for the county and city and not there to compete with the locals. Its not just the commissioners. Its a HUGE group that needs to either be fired or brought to light. Unfortunately its not just county, its city and other closely related agency's and Unfortunately, like most government, nothing will happen with these findings. Moneys will probably not be payed back and those affected will just have to weather the storm.

person Darryl Andersen


Remember these funds were given to the commissioners by a committee. The committee knew where the moneys went. giving the commissioners businesses these funds are not only the commissioners fault but the committees that gave it to them. most of the committee comprised of city, county and other organizations closely involved with the county and were not naïve to where it was going.

person Darry Andersen

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