UBTech President Announces Ambitious Goal For 2030

While some might consider it out of reach, UBTech President Aaron K. Weight recently announced to faculty, staff, and the board of trustees his lofty 2030 vision for the school. The vision, and ultimately challenge, is to award 1,000 certificates annually by the year 2030, further promoting local economic development. Last school year, UBTech awarded 769 certificates. In order to meet the goal, the school will need to increase awarding certificates by 30 percent over the next eight years, or essentially maintain and gain 29 certificates annually. President Weight said, “I challenge everyone to stretch themselves to serve students in new and better ways, to connect to our industry partners in new and better ways and to do this by 2030.” While this challenge will push everyone at UBTech it does appear to be achievable. The school saw an increase of 35% from Fiscal Year 2020 to Fiscal Year 2021, jumping from 568 to 769 certificates.  


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