Drought Impacts Minimal on Pheasant Populations in Northeastern Utah

The general-season pheasant and quail hunts are coming up but how will the drought affect the hunt? According to the Division of Wildlife Resources, in Uintah County and northeastern Utah, the drought impacts on pheasant populations are minimal because the pheasant habitat is closely aligned with irrigated crop lands and most of the birds in northeastern Utah are found on private agricultural lands. Some tips to remember from wildlife officials: These birds are good at hiding in brush, so hunt with a well-trained dog. "If you don't have a dog, you can still be successful by walking slowly to flush out the pheasants," DWR Upland Game Coordinator Heather Talley said. "Many times, they will flush if you stand near them for a few minutes because they think that they've been spotted." Walking along ditch banks or fence lines is also a good hunting strategy. Pheasants typically prefer to run rather than fly away, so if you walk along these areas, you are more likely to drive them out into the open, where they will flush.


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