Sheriffs’ Association Reacts To Disturbing Increase in Crime

Newly released crime data has garnered a big response, with the Utah Sheriffs’ Association sharing a straight forward reaction. In their words, these aren’t just petty low-level crimes; these are some of the worst of the worst. In Utah, property crimes went up by 6.17%, robberies went up 5.78%, vehicle thefts went up 34.89%, and homicides increased a staggering 44.16%. In fact in Utah, the homicide rate was 24% above the 10-year average. Cache County Sheriff Chad Jensen blames the “catch and release, cashless bail, defund the police, radical agenda” for this disturbing trend. “The result is a seemingly endless cycle of career criminals who believe there are few consequences for their actions,” he says. “They will continue to offend, get released, and reoffend until we stop this nonsense.” Compounding the problem is steep staffing shortages, with 58 percent of those in law enforcement looking to switch careers, a trend he says will assist in increasing crime and make public safety disappear. When asked his thoughts, Uintah County Sheriff Steve Labrum shared with Evans Family Media that he echoes what is shared in the letter from the Utah Sheriffs’ Association. “It’s important for the public to have this information so citizens are aware of what’s happening, not only nationwide,” said Sheriff Labrum, “but here in our own state and counties.”


not surprised

Then pay our police officers more with better retirement. Quit sticking the money in brad horocks pockets.
Your asking people to protect our communities with gross 40 50k a year.
How about you take that 26 mill for the rail (that was intended to offset oilfield down turns) and actually pay our officers the money they deserve.

I won't be voting for any county commissioner incumbent because you have failed our community financially.

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