Semi Rolls Into Maeser Home Causing Extensive Damage

It was a case of either very bad luck or very good luck in a Maeser neighborhood on Wednesday when a runaway vehicle came to a stop after running into a home. According to the Uintah County Sheriff’s Office, a semi tractor trailer had been backed into the driveway of a residence in Maeser on 3500 West. “The driver exited the vehicle without setting the brake,” explains the Sheriff’s Office. Unfortunately, this caused the tractor trailer to roll out of the driveway, across 3500 West, and down a driveway where it ran into a house. “The house was occupied at the time and fortunately no one was injured.” While it’s never good luck to have a runaway semi, it was very good fortune that no one was injured as it crossed the road and ran into the neighbor’s home. While the Sheriff’s Office did not have an estimate on the damage, it was noted that the damage to the home was extensive. 


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