Women’s Self Defense Super Seminar; Huge Discount Price

A Women’s Self Defense Super Seminar is coming to Vernal and Sheriff Steve Labrum is hoping every woman and teen available on October 1st and 2nd will be there to learn how to protect themselves. Made famous as the pioneers of UFC and MMA fighting, the Gracie family is known as masters of the art of jiu jitsu and will be the teachers at this event. In a video shared on the Uintah County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, Rener and Eve Gracie share that a two-day course like this would normally cost $300 per person but thanks to the Sheriff’s Office sponsorship it is only $50. The training will happen on wrestling mats for everyone’s protection and no prior experience is necessary. It is open to all women, not just women from the Uintah Basin. Come learn from the best the most effective techniques to protect yourself. For more information and to register, visit www.graciegirls.com


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