Ute Tribe Issues Vaccination Requirement For Employees; COVID-19 Update

Ute Tribe Business Committee Chairman Shaun Chapoose provided a COVID-19 update on Facebook Live on Wednesday afternoon which included several important announcements for tribal members. The Ute Tribe has issued a vaccination requirement for all tribal employees. Chairman Chapoose noted that he understands that there will be some that are upset by this but there are certain exemptions for medical or religious purposes. Second, it was announced that the process has begun for the Tribe to draw funds from the federal COVID relief program that will get assistance out to tribal members. The Ute Tribe has also initiated an emergency declaration for the purpose of receiving federal funds and services. During his address, Chairman Chapoose emphasized that the tribal council will continue to work to protect the tribe and continue the fight day in and day out. To date, there have been 6 COVID-19 related tribal deaths  and there are currently 50 active cases within the tribal membership. He encouraged all that can to get the vaccine, wear a mask, and limit the possibility of being exposed to the virus. The entire video is available on the Ute Tribe Emergency Management Facebook page. 


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