Congressman Moore Opposes Provision Infringing On Financial Privacy of Utahns

Congressman Blake Moore is opposing a provision being considered in the Democrat reconciliation bill that is being called an infringement on the financial privacy of Americans. “I am proud to join Congressman Tom Emmer’s (R-MN) letter...expressing concern over a provision being considered for inclusion in the Democrat reconciliation bill that would force banks and credit unions to give Utahns’ private financial information to the government, including information on the inflows and outflows on their personal bank accounts,” said Congressman Blake Moore. “To make matters worse, the antiquated IRS systems that would store this information would make Utahns’ private financial data more vulnerable to being hacked. This provision will particularly hurt Utah families that depend on credit unions and banks in rural and low-income areas by making it more expensive for credit unions to serve these customers.”



This is more than an infringement!! It is another government invasion of OUR PRIVACY!!! The government has way too much control as it is. They all need to be voted out.

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