Open Burn Information For Uintah and Daggett County

The Uintah and Daggett County Fire Warden has shared that on September 15th, the Division of Forestry Fire and State Lands will start considerations for issuing permits for open burning in the unincorporated parts of the counties (outside of city limits). If you need to burn for yard clean up or agriculture purposes not covered in the agriculture exclusions and feel you cannot wait until the end of Closed Fires Season on October 31st, you can call or text (435)828-1068 for an appointment. An onsite inspection of the location and material to be burnt is required before a permit will be issued. If you plan to burn on the weekend you will need to plan ahead. On September 15th, open burning in the incorporated parts of the counties (inside city limits) will require a permit from the Department of Air Quality which is obtained online. All open burning must be reported to Central Dispatch at (435)789-4222 and the minimum clearing index of 500 feet must be met for smoke dispersal before burning occurs. Issued permits may be revoked at any time should the weather turn unfavorable or for public safety issues.



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