BLM Performs Wild Horse Roundup in Moffat County

The exceptional drought and lack of forage is the main reason cited by the BLM for the emergency gathering of wild horses in Moffat County this month. According to the BLM announcement, the emergency wild horse gather from the Sand Wash Basin Herd Management Area began on September 1st about 45 miles west of Craig. With an estimated 896 wild horses in that area, the BLM planned to gather around 750 and in the end gathered just under 700. “The BLM is committed to maintaining a healthy wild horse herd on healthy public lands,” said Little Snake Field Office Manager Bruce Sillitoe. “This emergency gather will prevent further deteriorating body condition of the wild horses into the winter due to limited forage resources.” The gathered wild horses are then adopted out one by one to the public after an application process. The BLM plans to implement population control among the remaining herd to reduce the number of wild horses that need to be gathered in the long term as part of a plan to sustain a healthy population and ecological balance. 


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