Uintah Basin Community Shows Up For 9/11 National Day of Service

All over the Uintah Basin on Saturday, community members found ways to serve as part of the 9/11 National Day of Service. Just Serve Uintah Basin shared some of the projects accomplished. In Ballard, 150 people showed up from the Roosevelt area to clean 180 acres of land that had been used as a dumping site for years but has now been made into the Carnage Bike Trail. It was reported they removed around 120,000 pounds of garbage! Other awesome volunteers helped with projects throughout Duchesne County including cleanup of cemeteries, the Roosevelt walking park, areas of Highway 40, cutting firewood, and more. In Naples, a group carefully transported the 3500 pound Lanny the Dinosaur back to his home at the Naples City roadside park. Lanny had been hit by a car last spring and after months of repairs and restoration was able to return home. In Vernal, crews helped clean up the walking park, near the landfill, Ashley Nature Park, and more. In Dutch John, volunteers helped on hiking and biking trails as well as with putting in new sprinkling systems. The National Day of Service was started as a way family and friends paid tribute to loved ones they had lost in the terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2001. The idea has grown over the years into the largest annual day of service in the nation and is now officially recognized under federal law. 


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